Wood does you Good!

Unseasoned green oak wood windows, East Sussex

January 14, 2016

I love to work with good quality timber, and while treated softwood has much improved in its durability with the modern preservative methods used today, I still prefer to work with wood that is naturally durable.

Oak and unseasoned green oak does not need varnishing or sealing, in fact, if you do, you run the risk of trapping moisture which creates unsightly black marks on the timber and can accelerate decay.

Good design and construction is key to avoiding trapped moisture and allowing for ventilation to quickly dry a structure following the rain.

These are oak windows we installed 4 years ago.



This is honey-toned oak weatherboard which will weather to a beautiful silvery grey over time.


The pergola beyond and garden room in the foreground are made of larch (another beautiful and durable timber).


So having long lasting, beautiful wood, is not about what you slap on it, but more about choosing the right wood in the first place, and then building in a way that prevents problems occurring in the years to come.

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