SIP tea in your green SIP garden room

Dewlands Garden Design

January 24, 2016

Why use SIP panels for a garden room?

Traditional brick or stone has the insulation properties of wet cardboard, and so for many years insulation has been stuffed between the outer wall and inner walls of new buildings. However, as the insulation gets appropriately thicker and thicker in order to meet the latest green requirements, walls get thicker and thicker too, reducing floor space and adding cost. So what do we do to make sure your garden room is warm and cosy, but without losing floor space?

SIPs panels are a sandwich of wood and insulation. If used as the inner skin of a house they can then be clad with either an outer wall of brick or stone, or weather boarding, or render, or a myriad of alternatives, so they can deliver a traditional or contemporary look to your building.

The benefit is that your inner wall is also your insulation, saving you valuable space! This has been used in colder countries for years, is very popular in Scotland, and is becoming increasingly a solution of choice in the UK.

They are also ideal for garden rooms. Be it an office, a den, or a studio. Proper insulation ensures that it can be used all year round and does not cost the earth to heat.

This is a garden room going up using SIP panels…



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