Horizontal Stress – a beautiful slatted timber fence

Horizontal Slatted Fence, East Grinstead

March 26, 2017

Beautiful Slatted Timber Fence

There are so many options to create beautiful timber fences, and so why not try a horizontal slatted timber fence as we did here in East Grinstead.

As I drive around I see miles and miles of closeboard fencing, and plenty of quite hideous panel fencing too. Why can’t we get a bit more creative? There is no reason why you can’t create something with a lot more flair, certainly of a better quality, and at not too much more cost.


Here we constructed a timber frame for the fence on typical 100mm posts. Using prepared treated timber cut to different widths, we nailed along the length of the fence line. Using the various widths in different arrangements, you can create many distinctive effects. In this case, we graduated from top to bottom, thinner on top and wider on the bottom. It’s worth drawing it up beforehand so you can pre-cut the timber, for which a table saw comes in very handy. Here we used a higher grade treated softwood for the cladding which looks really nice.

Other Options

It would have been even more magnificent to do this in douglas fir, larch, or green oak as then the chemical treatment could have been avoided, but then that does come at a cost. In this case, the timber slatted fence is clad both sides and offset to avoid a view through it.

Some Pictures

Close up of fair faced slatted timber fence

Horizontal Slatted Fence Frame - East Grinstead

Constructing frame for the timber slats

Adding the slats to the horizontal timber slat fence

Adding the slats to the timber fence

Timber Slats applied horizontally to fence frame

Timber slats completed on one side

Completed timber slat fence near East Grinstead

Complete timber slatted fence from other side

The result is a very pleasing fence that is more architectural and contemporary. As it is permeable, it also makes an ideal wind break solution. The timber will silver down beautifully over the years, and provide an ideal foil for the planting as it grows. For a change, a fence you don’t want to hide, but one that complements the planting scheme.

So don’t be bored with close boarding, or constrained by panels, cut loose, get creating, and “cause a fence” with a bit of style!

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