How we add value to your most treasured asset

Architectural design of sun room to include garden office and full garden design makeover adding value to your house near Tunbridge Wells

November 21, 2018

How we add value to your home and garden

‘An Englishman’s home is his castle.’  It’s an attitude to home ownership that has long been held to define our national psyche – but it’s probably just as true for the French, Italians and Germans.  After all, for most of us, our house is our most significant asset.  But even if you have a trust fund or millions hiding in an off-shore account, one thing is most definitely true: our homes are always our most treasured asset.  At Dewlands, we keep both these factors uppermost in mind when we create our garden designs, so that we add the greatest possible value to your house and garden.  

Our home is where we feel protected from the world, where we can relax, where we can most be ourselves.  Our home is where we nurture our families, entertain friends and make memories.  Our home is therefore, almost without exception, our most treasured asset. 

Houses as an investment

For most of us, it is also our biggest asset.  For most families, our future wealth is determined by how much value we can add to our house. The House Price Index reports issued by the Office for National Statistics show that property prices are fairly robust in their upwards march; even when the rate at which they rise slows down, they nearly always continue to rise.  The two exceptions to this over the last 12 years were the financial crisis, with house prices falling between May 2008 and October 2009, and then a small dip between January 2011 and April 2012.

The way to make the most significant gains within the property market – over and above general house price rises – is the ‘fixer uppers’.  Properties where you can improve the functionality, design and appeal of the house.  And that holds true for the garden as well; a beautifully designed garden maximises kerb appeal both by being instantly visually attractive and by encouraging potential buyers to look beyond the walls of the house to the possibility of getting the most from the whole property – house and garden. 

Garden designs that add greatest value to your investment

At Dewlands Garden Design, we understand that your home plays two roles: it is probably your most significant investment, but it is also your most treasured asset.  These thoughts are foremost in our minds when we undertake garden design projects across Kent, Sussex and Surrey; our aim is always to create an outdoor living space that you will love, but – more than that – we also produce garden designs that add value to your most treasured asset.  

 We create garden designs that extend your home by giving you an enticing outdoor living space that expands the boundaries of your house, inviting you to spend more of your time outside.  But we are also always mindful of designing your garden in tandem with your home to optimise its appeal to future owners.  As with all great home and garden design, it undoubtedly has to work for you and your lifestyle, but it also has to appeal to potential buyers, if you are going to realise the most from this most important of assets. 

Adding value to your most treasured asset is central to the benefits delivered by Dewlands Garden Design.  We create outdoor living spaces that you will love – but that will also be valued by future owners.  

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