Achieving your dream garden in 2019

3D view from the meadow, your dream garden design 2019 Rotherhurst, near Tunbridge Wells

January 10, 2019

Achieving your dream garden in 2019

Your garden should be a part of your home that you love. It should be a treasured asset that gives you a quiet place to relax and unwind or get on with gardening tasks that take your mind off the wider world. There should be a sense of contentment and tranquillity that comes with enjoying your garden, so let’s make 2019 the year to fall in love with your garden again.

If your garden is full of unsightly areas and needs a good sorting out, then 2019 is the year for you to build your ideal outdoor living space. So, what do you need to do to make this happen?

Things to think about when planning your garden

  • Makeovers: If you have some unsightly sections in your garden – such as a patch of bare earth on which nothing seems to grow or the end of your garden backing onto the neighbour’s garage – then it can help to get some idea of what you can do to fix it. Some grot spots can be simply solved with a splash of colour from potted plants, fresh turf or a manmade feature (you could create a living wall to hide your neighbour’s garage or hide your barren patch by installing a sundial or water feature). Others may need some hard work, such as digging a new flower bed or building a raised bed and filling with fresh soil.
  • The size of your garden: Is your garden design limited by its size? If you have an acre to spare, then you may want to plan some wider, open spaces; if your garden is small then creating a single section bordered by flower beds may be your solution. A professional garden designer can be a lot of help here, helping you to maximise the space you have to get the most out of your garden by taking precise measurements and creating a design that works well visually as well as giving you different areas for the various activities that you want to do in your garden, whether it’s sharing a BBQ with friends, sunbathing in private, playing with the kids or reading quietly.
  • Family considerations: Your stage of life will have an impact on what you want from your dream garden. If you have young kids, then maybe as they grow up they’ll want a treehouse or a space to run around or kick a football about in. If you have no children or they are older and not interesting in frolicking around the garden, then you may want to sacrifice extra green space for deeper flower borders or garden features.

The benefits of professional expertise

With the new year finally here, 2019 is perfect time to design your dream garden. You can do it all yourself, stealing ideas from magazines and social media, but there are benefits to calling in a reliable, creative professional.  A good garden designer will work with you to tailor a design which fits perfectly with you, your space and your family. Of course, they should have all the technical skill to factor in the mechanics of your space, such as the direction your garden faces and the implications that has on the natural sunlight your garden receives. And they should also think about the view your garden creates from the inside of your home to create a space that works beautifully with your house.

But, if they are good, they will do much more than that.  They will listen to everything you say, but they will go even further, suggesting possibilities that you haven’t considered. If they have design and engineering expertise, they will be able to reimagine your outdoor space, seeing how levels and approaches could be changed to create a completely different living space to truly complement your house and your lifestyle.

The early bird

When you’ve only just said goodbye to the last of the turkey, it may seem a bit early to start thinking about how you are going to use your garden this summer, especially if the ground is frozen or waterlogged. But by the time the warmer weather of spring is here, many of the best garden designers will already have their books full for the season. Being an early bird, and making contact now, really can make the difference between securing your dream team for 2019 and having to wait until 2020 to get the outdoor living space you want.

Budget limitations

Getting professional help can be invaluable for designing your future garden. If you aren’t certain you can afford a comprehensive garden design service – from surveying and planning to creating a finished piece including building and planting – then you may want to consider a design-only service, or just work with a garden designer on the more challenging part of your garden. Dewlands Garden Design offer a flexible service from design-only models to a comprehensive design, build and plant service, so that you can budget appropriately.

When we design a garden, our expertise in planning and budgeting means that we can offer bespoke economical solutions to suit your needs, that still deliver exceptional results.

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