Original back garden ready for full garden design to include path to new garden office building near Withyham

The Brief

Our client wished to get their back garden into shape. We felt it had the potential to be a lovely centrepiece that you can look out on from the house and separate home office. In essence, redesign the outdoor space to link the two and make the house and garden work together. There were already a number of mature plants and the design of this area needed to take these into consideration. Within that space we created some areas that draw you out and use the garden even if that is just for a quiet amble, or a spot to chill out when there is a quiet moment.



Back garden transformation with pathway to garden office building near Ashdown forest

The design

Taking the brief into account, I wanted to create a draw into the garden and a clear route from kitchen to office. This has been achieved by putting in a new set of steps off the terrace that lead onto a wide lavender walk and under a set of pergola arches. The axis is further emphasised by a large urn at the very end, which has the visual effect of making the garden feel deeper than it is. For some evening fun, we included a fire pit with a bench seat around it, a place to sit late into the evening with friends or family, toasting marshmallows, sipping mulled wine etc. This also provides a focal point when viewing the garden from the kitchen.

Lighting and electrical plan is a crucial part of a garden design solution near Maresfield

Design detailing

It is important to detail out the different elements of the garden to ensure there is no design ambiguity when engaging the contractor to build the garden, and it is also where we get into exactly what materials are to be used and the refinements such as lighting etc.

Our client also wanted a planting scheme, and planting could follow on immediately after construction, or at a later date depending on whether the they wanted to phase the work in order to stagger the costs.





Garden structure for hot tub in Crowborough

Gazebo structure

The larch gazebo was originally going to be a shady seating area, a place to pause and enjoy a coffee in the garden whilst on the ‘commute’ from home to garden office!  However the idea was developed further and our client loved the idea of a hot tub within the gazebo area instead and the design is quite contemporary in style. It has decorative panels to two sides and a simple horizontal clad back wall, designed to afford privacy and using larch gives a natural feel. The roof timbers are set to provide maximum shade during midday/early afternoon.




3D Drawings showing view from patio through pergola and across new garden area near High Hurstwood

3D concept drawings

Our 3D concept drawings show key features in our proposed design. This gives you, the client, a feel of a scheme that optimises your space given your budget, and creates movement and views that flow from one to the other. We create modern, lifestyle spaces that add value to your most treasured asset – and that will be valued by future owners. This garden will be built early next year so we will add finished pictures once complete.






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