Dallaway Gardens

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View of back garden before we started work, Dallaway Gardens, East Grinstead

The Brief

The clients had a very steep and sloping garden with little space to sit and enjoy. They were also overlooked by a neighbouring development. So space to entertain, privacy from the neighbours and greater interest in the garden were all key elements to address. This was a lovely space, although overlooked, there were plenty of mature trees and with a few more carefully selected trees, we could create a sense of a woodland path to venture along. Adjacent to one boundary was an ancient stone wall with views of a long abandoned graveyard beyond. On an evening the sun sets behind this to create a spectacular scene.





Survey of Dallaway Gardens, East Grinstead

Garden Survey

We carefully surveyed the garden and ensured we had a a clear understanding of the levels, where there were views, and where the garden was overlooked, along with all other essential aspects. This care and detail is critical in enabling good design work that can actually be built.





Sketch plan of back garden, Dallaway Gardens, East Grinstead

Initial Design

We kept the patio near to the house and set a gazebo on the corner of that area. This served a number of purposes: privacy from neighbouring views and shelter from the best of the English weather, a gateway from the terrace onto the pathway beyond, a destination when viewed from the house or the top of the garden. As this gazebo is a simple open sided structure, it means that when you sit on the patio, it does not block the views beyond the garden. As a place to sit and drink in the garden as you chat, eat alfresco, or simply relax, this gazebo is an ideal addition. The path from the back of the gazebo meanders up through small ornamental trees and visits a few destinations along the way. This path brings interest and some energy to this otherwise tranquil and relaxed space.


3D view of design, Dallaway Gardens, East Grinstead

3D Views of Garden

This shows the layout of the garden and the relation between patio, gazebo, path, steps, upper terrace, and importantly, the house. We always produce 3D designs for clients as it enables them to see what they are going to get. The steps set in gravel to the side of the gazebo are made from Timberstone replica garden sleepers.




Construction drawings for steps, Dallaway Gardens, East Grinstead

Detailed Staircase Design

This is an example of one of the elements in the design, the new staircase from the existing patio onto the new patio. While we purchased the gazebo as a kit, we designed and built the stairs to match in with the gazebo in order to make a harmonious entrance into the garden.




The Relaxing Zone

The siting of the gazebo was designed to afford privacy as well as to offer some shade and a place to rest, whilst taking pleasure in the tranquil sound of flowing water from a beautiful reclaimed stone trough specially sourced and transformed into a water feature. The position is also perfect to enjoy the views over an ancient stone wall of a long abandoned graveyard beyond. On an evening the sun sets behind this to create a spectacular scene.





Garden design with movement and flow through steep garden making the most of the levels with terrace area, gazebo and woodland walk East Grinstead

Design Features

This small stone feature draws the eye up the garden with a glimpse of the Prosecco patio halfway up and beyond to a winding woodland path leading up to a garden building nestled amongst the trees.








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