Space has feelings too!

April 4, 2015

We have lived side by side with nature for thousands of years. In today’s commuter and computer world we find ourselves in an environment that is far removed from the one with which we evolved.

Space and nature have an impact on how we feel and think; the open rolling countryside or the sheltered green clearing, the sound of the babbling brook or the roar of the waterfall. Not only does it impact on how we feel, but also how we act; chasing along a winding path through a sun dappled wood, pausing on a bench with a distant view of the Downs.

We believe that through good design not only can you have a garden that works well for entertainment, activity and relaxation, but you can also have a place that brings you closer to who you are, and back to a place we are meant to be.

Energising - drawn to follow

Energising: Path winding through the woods

Calming: Place of shelter, to rest, picnic, play

Calming: Shelter of a woodland clearing

Inspiring: A mission to the top, with the promise of a place to shelter and pause to admire the view

Energising: First one to the oak tree!

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